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We either reach the Northeast, or we lose the country.”

– Dr. David Gibbs, Jr.

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Millions Heading To Hell, and We’re Doing Something About It

We are an independent Baptist Ministry assisting local churches fulfill the Great Commission and reach New England with the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Strong Christian principles were the foundation of life in New England for generations; however, that Christian heritage has been forgotten by most New Englanders.  Today, New England cities and towns are in need of strong Bible preaching and bold personal soulwinning to bring them back to God.  

Atheism, humanism, agnosticism, hedonism and even paganism can be found in abundance among the unchurched.  Churches are plentiful across New England yet most have turned their backs on the Word of God and the God of the Word long ago.  New England is home to some of the most influential cities, people, businesses, and universities in the world.  If we lose New England, we will lose the country.

Please take a few minutes to look over our website and learn about this important ministry. There is hope for New England!  Jesus still saves, God still transforms, and miracles still happen!

 God has given us a vision and a plan to SAVE NEW ENGLAND.

Will you help us?    Start here.

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  1. Financial Support
  2. Physical Assistance
  3. Ministry Mentorship
  4. Engaged Network
  5. Featured Cities


  1. Spring & Fall Conferences
  2. Quarterly Magazine
  3. Pulpit Supply
  4. Mission & Planting Conferences
  5. Prayer


  1. Teaching Days
  2. Training Resources
  3. Visiting Groups
  4. College Interns
  5. Anchor Church Support


  1. Training Clinics
  2. Sound Doctrine
  3. Best Practices
  4. Proven Methods
  5. Biblical Ministry Philosophy


  1. Biblical Authority
  2. Ecclesiastical Separation
  3. King James Bible
  4. Local Church Autonomy
  5. Eternal Salvation

Upcoming Events



Fall Church Planting & Revival Conference – 2024

Join us for our exciting Fall Church Planting Conference at the Curtis Corner Baptist Church in Wakefield, RI.   More Details



Spring Church Planting & Revival Conference – 2024

Plan now to attend our 2024 Spring Conference.   More Details

Save New England is an Independent, fundamental Baptist ministry creating awareness around the country and helping churches in three vital areas:

  • Revival
  • Soul Winning
  • Church Planting 

Save New England is a ministry of Pastor Paul E Chapman & Curtis Corner Baptist Church in Wakefield, RI.

New England Churches receive discounts or increased quantities with items purchased through Add To Your Faith Publications.